Get the HookUP

{March 11, 2010}  

Hey Readers! I hope you are having a wonderful day!! I wanted to take time out to tell you about my savings within the past two days. Yesterday, I received a free coupon for a 6 pk of a Coke Product, Free bottle of Planters Peanuts from Kroger’s March Madness and today I received 2 free Chickfila sandwiches and 15 swagbucks from Swagbucks!! Your’e talking about Hype!!!

My Tips:

  • If you have a product and brand that you buy on the regular look and see if they have a rewards program or if you can get on their mailing lists to receive coupons and promos. Instead of buying that item each time, you can get the item free! For an example, I love Diet Coke! I buy Diet Coke on the regular, so I am enrolled in their rewards program where I receive Coupons and points where I can redeem my points for Kool gift items.
  • When you purchase something, look at the bottom of your receipt…normally stores will have a website you can go to to fill out a short survey, and in return they will give you something for free. The surveys are really short! For an example, I received two free Chickfila sandwiches just from filling out a customer service survey and it took me all of 2 minutes! If you would like a list of companies that offer reward programs or surveys, hit me up and let me know.
  • If you have a favorite product or company become a fan on facebook. Alot of companies on Facebook giveaway coupons and free stuff to all of their fans!

I hope these Tips help!


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