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{June 21, 2010}  

Television Personality and Entertainment Correspondent Stephanie Humphrey

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She loves volunteer work and speaking to youth.

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{June 4, 2010}  

Check out my boy’s music video that he shot and edited. He is a photographer/editor. If you need any editing or photography done please contact me at for more information on him.

Enjoy the video!

{April 23, 2010}  

Check Out Gates on the following blogs:

The Urban Melting Pot: Artist Spotlight: Gates

This Brother is a beast when it comes to Lyrics, Rhyme and Beats

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{April 21, 2010}  

Future BBII has established a partnership with the United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP). This partnership seeks a mutual collaboration to respond to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) ” Strategic Enhancement to Mentoring Programs.

Future BBII is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that aims to increase the number of underrepresented students who enroll in college and pursue degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines and to assist these youth in becoming environmentally conscious future inventors and innovators.

We seek to foster scientific and engineering interest and skills in first generation college-bound youth who are of groups underrepresented in these fields. We will simultaneously educate these youth about the connection between technology advancement and protecting and preserving our environment.
This is an Awesome organization that is uplifting minorities and helping them reach amazing goals! I work very closely with this organization, so please show your support and make a donation to the cause or:
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{April 16, 2010}  

Please view my brother’s website!

Nvisioneer! He specializes in Crafts, Fine Print, Fine Art Greeting Cards, Logos etc.

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{April 14, 2010}  


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Look what I found in my email?? Heidi Wilson sent me some music from VA artist GATES. I listened to the three tracks that she sent and I was impressed! GATES definitely possesses the gift of rhyme! S/o to Heidi Wilson.


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{April 12, 2010}  


Check out Gates on Hip Hop Head Blog

Shout Out to @dBlok78!

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{April 9, 2010}  


“ I was 7 years old and it was one dark, cold night in the city,  I remember hearing shots fired , cars speeding off in the distance and parents grabbing their kids to get them out of harms way. My farther standing directly in front of me holding an automatic machine gun along with a few other guys.  Later, my father told my mom that he was in a shoot out over an unpaid debt. Bleeding from a bullet wound to his leg my father refused to go to the hospital saying, “I need to get my money at all cost!” This was when I realized the kind of jungle I was living in. You could say this was an everyday part of life and to expect anything different from me would be too far fetched!”

 Coming up in the Notorious Young’s Park Projects often meant conforming to the ways of the streets or being a victim. In a place where shootouts, police chases and heartache rule the day, It’s amazing that anyone makes it out alive. But for GATES, the allure of the billion dollar music world was always more attractive than the underworld. During his early years, he quickly realized that his mother couldn’t afford to give him the finer things in life and pay the bills, so he soon stretched out on his own. Luckily, music and basketball would prevent GATES from straying too far down the wrong path. Even though he was only an arm’s length away, the streets were never really his thing. While his counterparts used the flash and the money from the street life to get the ladies attention, GATES relied on his wicked crossover, a mean flow and his hustler’s ambition to do the same. After seeing his older brother squander away talent in exchange for the street life, GATES vowed to never fall victim to that. After finishing high school and not being able to afford college, he soon realized that basketball wouldn’t be his meal ticket. Armed with a desire for a change and the knowledge that there was more money to be made outside of the hood than within, GATES followed the direction of a childhood friend and joined the military. While there for 3 years, not only did he perfect his gift of rhyme but he also strengthened his foundation with his childhood crew, now calling themselves the PaperBoyz. With a ton of shows under his belt, a debut album on the horizon, and burgeoning indie label, the only natural thing to do was leave the military and pursue music full-time. From the sounds of his hot new single, FRESH and Teen Spirit, GATES is ready to rule the airways.  It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

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